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  • Israeli troops battle Hamas militants in southern Gaza  
  • 검찰타임즈   2023-12-05 21:05:10   인기글     
  • Fire and smoke billow over the Gaza Strip during an Israeli airstrike as seen from Sderot, near the southern Israeli border with Gaza, on Monday. Israel's army sent dozens of tanks…
  • Moody's downgrades US debt rating outlook to negative  
  • 검찰타임즈   2023-11-11 19:57:47   인기글     
  •  ​Moody's on Friday downgraded its outlook on United States debt to negative from stable, one week before crucial budget negotiations in Congress.For now, the agency has maint…
  • Putin and Xi to meet in Beijing in October, Russia says  
  • 검찰타임즈   2023-09-27 15:43:37   인기글     
  •   President Vladimir Putin will meet China's Xi Jinping for talks in Beijing in October, Russia said on Tuesday, Putin's first known trip abroad since an arrest warrant w…
  • 4 kids found alive after 40 days in Amazon  
  • 검찰타임즈   2023-06-12 20:54:59   인기글     
  •   BOGOTA, Colombia -- Four Indigenous children survived an Amazon plane crash that killed three adults and then braved the jungle for 40 days before being found alive by …
  • 14 million watched coronation of King Charles III: BBC  
  • 검찰타임즈   2023-05-11 21:52:48   인기글     
  •   LONDON (AFP) -- More than 14 million people tuned in to watch King Charles III's coronation on BBC television, the corporation said on Sunday.At its peak, 13.4 million …
  • Russia says US-Korea nuclear deal could destabilize region  
  • 검찰타임즈   2023-05-04 23:30:40   인기글     
  •    Russia's foreign ministry on Friday criticised a nuclear agreement between the United States and South Korea, saying it would destabilise the region and the wider…
  • Fears grow for untold numbers buried by Turkey earthquake  
  • 검찰타임즈   2023-02-14 11:48:33   인기글     
  •    NURDAGI, Turkey -- Rescuers raced against time early Wednesday to pull survivors from the rubble before they succumbed to cold weather two days after an earthquak…
  • Widespread flight delays in US after FAA computer outage  
  • 검찰타임즈   2023-01-17 11:28:49   인기글     
  •    NEW YORK (AP) -- A computer outage at the Federal Aviation Administration brought flights to a standstill across the US on Wednesday, with hundreds of delays quic…
  • Former China leader Jiang Zemin dies, aged 96  
  • 검찰타임즈   2022-12-08 13:55:28   인기글     
  •   BEIJING (AFP) -- Former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin died Wednesday at the age of 96, state media reported, hailing him as a great communist revolutionary who helped quel…
  • 129 dead after fans stampede to exit Indonesian soccer match  
  • 검찰타임즈   2022-10-04 02:05:42   인기글     
  •  Panic at an Indonesian soccer match after police fired tear gas to stop brawls left 129 dead, mostly trampled to death, police said Sunday.Several fights between supporters o…
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